Fort Impostor

I have named my office “Fort Impostor” and this is my…manifesto.

Do It Out In The Open

I attended my first Ohio Linuxfest this year (2017) and had a great time. I found the lightning talks especially inspirational.

2017 Cleveland GiveCamp

I made it to Cleveland Givecamp this year after many years of wanting to go but never having the guts.

So glad it isn't me

I had to be part of someone else’s bad day and it sucked.

Linux Doesn't Ask "Are You Sure?"

Are you sure you want to ruin your entire day? (Y/N)

Earliest Know Record of the 'Linux Guy'

I found what I believe to be the earliest reference of me using Linux on the internet.

Nerves of Jello

Ever have a really bad day? Me too. I’ve masked the names to protect the guilty.

In Defense of Thanksgiving

Wherein I declare myself the founder of the “Defense of Thanksgiving Tradition Society”

Dear Santa

Dear Christmas,

We wanted to drop you this note to remind you that we still like you.

Famous for the wrong things

I took a picture once of my brother-in-law seated behind me on the bus on the way to work. I put it online. A few months later I got an email.