VS Code for Markdown Notes

My long, winding path to Markdown notes nirvana

Jekyll Blog

This is my first post in the new blog format - Jekyll

Taking Notes

I’ve taken a keen interest in note-taking in general and recently I’ve been obsessed with how other people do it.

Get off my (digital) lawn

The year was 1994.

Fret Master Beta

In 1998 I wrote the only piece of software I had intended other people to see.

SELinux is the devil

I spent two hours troubleshooting strange Apache behavior on a new VM before discovering SELinux was enforcing

Non-alcoholic stress relief

I have had exactly one drink in the last three months since starting my liver-healthy diet.

The number starts with a 2!

I made it below 300 pounds!

Fat, Sick and Dying

“I’ve decided to lose weight.”


Today is the 10th day of walking and I’m wondering if I’m going to die in my chair.