Posts The number starts with a 2!

The number starts with a 2!

I made it below 300 pounds!

Yesterday I weighed in at 295 pounds. I am officially lighter than my driver’s license (which was a big fat lie for the last 8 years, anyway)

Carrie lost 5 pounds and Ashley lost another pound last week. The three of us have not had bread, sugar or pop for almost a month. We spend our evenings talking about non-scale victories like fitting into old clothes or no longer having the after-dinner bloat. We’re saving money by not buying high-carb, high-sugar snacks at the movies (or anywhere else).

Some days it’s a challenge to figure out what we can eat, but it’s never a downer . It’s more like figuring out a puzzle. Carrie has rediscovered her love of cooking and she’s turning out day after day of delicious, healthy food with almost no waste or left-overs.

I have to take my new wedding ring off before I get in the shower because when my hands get wet and soapy my ring just falls off! I’ll have to go back to my old ring before much longer (the one I had to replace because it was far too tight).

This is also the start of birthday week. We don’t really have any plans for our birthdays other than dinner someplace but the Labor Day weekend is full of excitement. I’ll be turning 49 weighing less that I did when I turned 48 (or 47 or 46 and probably a few more years).

We’ve started wondering aloud if we’re going to need to buy new clothes before our vacation in October.

We just might.

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