Posts Famous for the wrong things

Famous for the wrong things

I took a picture once of my brother-in-law seated behind me on the bus on the way to work. I put it online. A few months later I got an email.

Hello, My name is Josh Hamilton and I am the CEO of an internet startup called yRides

yRides is a ridesharing website that helps people find or post carpools.

Your photo at this link removed titled Weird Bus People we found humorous and thought it might be put to good use as a flyer. Would you be so kind as to let use the photo on some flyers? We haven’t made the flyer yet, but basically it would encourage people to not use the bus and to carpool instead.

We understand that your licensing doesn’t allow for commercial use, but we would be grateful for your help as we are struggling start-up literally working out of a garage and living off ramen noodles.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely, Josh Hamilton CEO yRides

What the hell… Fame is where you find it, right?

UPDATE: I responded favorably to the request but to the best of my knowledge this photo was never published anywhere.

If you know differently, please send me a copy

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