The Case for /usr/bin/env bash

Not every system has binaries in the same location!

From Ycombinator

clarry 708 days ago
Are there any situations where you wouldn’t be able to find bash in /bin/bash?
Yes there are.
OpenBSD for instance installs third party software under /usr/local. Bash is not a part of the base system.
env(1) on the other hand is a POSIX standard utility and comes with the OS.

kirubakaran 708 days ago
[in addition to what clarry said] Habit of using /usr/bin/env becomes more important in other use-cases, such as invoking Python interpreter.

nnnnni 708 days ago
Exactly. I often use “#!/usr/bin/env python2” to specify python 2.x on my systems where python 3 is the default.