Taking Control

A year ago next month I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. If left untreated I was looking at the possibility of a liver transplant in the next few years. I was morbidly obese and racked with inflammation. My back, legs, and feet hurt all the time. The skin on my legs was discolored and my neck and shoulders had broken out in dozens of skin tags and dark moles. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was a metabolic disaster. And my liver was screaming at me since I wasn’t listening to the rest of my body.

My primary care practitioner offered me a pamphlet for a bariatric surgeon. It seemed that she thought surgery was my only hope.

I had found my rock bottom. I was determined to do it without surgery. I decided to turn it around.

I had my annual summer checkup this morning.

Every one of my metabolic markers (liver, kidneys, cholesterol, glucose) is within the normal range for the first time in probably more than 15 years.

No more blood pressure meds, I’m no longer pre-diabetic, and no more sleeping with a CPAP machine.

In just over 10 months I’ve lost 115 pounds (from 334 lbs pounds to 219 lbs) without exercise. I’ve reduced my arthritis, my skin has cleared up and even the bald spot on my head is filling in!

It’s not easy, but it is simple: stop eating sugar and processed junk. No sugar, no bread, no pasta, no rice. Eat like a caveman – meat and vegetables. Lots of salad. Full fat butter. Heavy cream. Bacon! Just avoid added sugar.

There are plenty of low-carb sweets out there if you just can’t take it anymore. But don’t overdo it.

I will turn 50 this year and I will do it weighing less than I did when I turned 40.

In less than a year I have turned my life around and taken control.

It’s about time.

Gonna need some new shorts
I’ve been donating a lot of old clothes
Weight Loss Journey
This before pic was from a couple years ago. I had gotten bigger before I decided to do something about it.
At one point I bought a new wedding ring since I almost had to have this one cut off. Since then I may have to buy another new ring because the original has become too big.

The Century Mark

That's 100 pounds!

Yesterday morning I achieved the century mark in weight loss. After stalling at 90-something pounds down since the beginning of the year, yesterday I officially lost 100 pounds! I said that when I saw 234 on the scale I would take a picture and post it on Facebook and make a big deal out of it.

Well here’s the picture. There has yet to be a Facebook post. Or a big deal.

Not to belittle this achievement in the slightest – but, it felt very natural. Even after stalling and feeling like I was never going to lose pounds again.

This weekend was the first time in recent memory I sent a non-empty plate back to the kitchen at a restaurant. I had only one serving at dinner because I honestly did not want more.

It’s taken seven months to start to train my brain to see smaller portions and my stomach to accept them. Even recently, I still had anxiety when seeing a plate of food in front of me that wasn’t heaping. “That’s not enough” my brain would automatically cry. Even though it was enough. By the time the plate was empty, I was satisfied.

At home, Carrie would ask “How many hamburgers do you want?” While last year I would easily answer “three!” in the last several months I’ve learned to say “two, please!”. Well, yesterday I said, “One.” I realized that very much like my knee-jerk reaction to seeing a not-full plate, my brain could not accept that only one piece of anything would be enough. But again, it was.

I am enjoying feeling not-bloated, not-full and a little bit hungry at almost all times.

The needle of the scale is moving again and that’s a good thing. But the bigger achievement this weekend was my awareness of how much I want to eat.

And it’s a lot smaller than it used to be. Like me.