Reflections on a 24-hour fast

Yesterday we went to Cindy’s for the Browns game. Carrie brought a cauliflower ziti recipe that was a huge hit and Cindy made hot dogs. Now hot dogs are OK on the diet without buns. So I had three over the course of the day. Not until late in the 4th quarter did Carrie read the hot dog label and tell me that the Ball Park Franks we were eating were 4 carbs each!

Fuck! I just ate 21 carbs in basically one sitting by adding those three bunless hot dogs.

While my calories were still in range I realized that I really can’t eat anything more for the rest of the day. Maybe pickles or something, but I maxed out my carbs really early.

When I got home I realized I wasn’t hungry. At least for pickles, olives or sugar-free jello. So I didn’t eat anything.

We started watching some movies and eventually I just went back in and edited my fasting app on my phone to say I stopped eating at 2:00pm.

Was I really going to go all night with nothing else to eat? 16 hours from 2:00pm would allow me to eat again at 6:00am! (I’m not even awake by then – and I don’t eat breakfast anymore)

So morning comes and I feel OK. I decide to just push it until lunch because starting my eating window early will make me have to end it early. Eating from Noon to 8:00pm is what I try to stick to.

So another weird thing happened at work. As I’m getting closer to lunch I realize I’ve got a lot to do and I’m starting to stress about getting it done before lunch.

When I check my fasting app I see that it’s been 22 hours since I’ve eaten.

What would happen if I just waited and ate lunch at 2:00pm? What would happen if I fasted for 24 hours?

Surely nothing big and flashy – but I could say that I did it… OK – that settled it. I finished my work stuff and went for a walk.

I’m sitting here now at 1:40pm. I have a meeting at 2:00pm and I am planning to eat lunch right afterwards. I don’t want to just skip lunch altogether because I don’t want to waste the food (leftovers from yesterday! Yum!) but sitting here waiting, I’m thinking I could. I’m just not that hungry. It’s a weird feeling. Plus I feel like I have energy and focus that I don’t often have.

Researching fasting the last few weeks has led me to believe that people go without food for entire days all the time. And in 20 minutes I’ll be one of them.

I may repeat this in the future. I like it.