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This is my first post in the new blog format - Jekyll

I’ve fought for a few years with redoing the blog. I like the idea of simple - just let me write some stuff down and let the “blog engine” do the rest. WordPress excelled at this. I kept the WordPress blog pretty simple. It was easy to just open a window, type a few paragraphs and hit save.

But I hated the theme. I went round-and-round trying different themes. I wanted something that would let me show off code snippets and command-line How-To’s. Instead I got what I thought of as the “MS Word Version” of my blog posts - beautifully rendered with a lovely serif font and code windows that looked like hell.

But this isn’t the first time I’m trying Jekyll either. And to be honest I hate the default ‘minima’ theme, too :)

But I’ve already spent too much time trying to get Jekyll themes working before even writing a single line of text. So I’m once again giving Jekyll a go and just dealing with the default theme until I can figure out the rest.

So anyway, I’m going to try to migrate the blog to a smaller, easier to manage site that I can use to show off code snippets and snarky commentary.

Who knows - maybe I’ll even figure out a way to change the theme.

Update: I found a theme I like!

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