Slow progress is still progress

Weekly weigh-in: 289 pounds.

Another 3 pound loss. After 3 weeks of losing 6 pounds a week the last two weeks I’ve only lost 3 pounds each week.

I’ve known from the beginning that the weight loss would eventually slow down and I was surprised to drop 6 pounds a week for the first few weeks.

One significant non-scale victory, however, was that I switched back to my old wedding ring this weekend. My new one flung off my hand while sitting on the couch. I showed Carrie and Ashley how I could slide it off just by shaking my hand (it’s been falling off in the shower for a week or so whenever my hands get soapy).

In August I was determined to track everything that went in to my mouth. I did so and I lost a ton of weight.

In September I want to start seeing much I learned about knowing what to eat and how much by not tracking as diligently and seeing how things shake out. I’m still tracking but I’m approximating a lot more and eating more foods that I don’t have exact nutrition info on.

Could the lack of exact tracking be what’s slowed me down? Or am I naturally slowing down because my body is acclimating to the new diet?

I’ve said that I don’t want to spend my life tracking my food – and I stick by that. I want to know what I can eat and how much of to eat. Eventually, I want to be able to go into a restaurant and just order food without figuring out what I can have and what I can’t.

On one hand – I am still succeeding. I am still losing weight.

On the other hand, by leaving my decisions to my instincts I may have slowed down my progress.

Maybe I don’t know everything I think I do yet.

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