End of a weird week

After all was said and done I weighed in on Sunday at 292. Only a 3 pound loss from last week. Up until now, I’ve been losing 6 pounds a week.

But last week was weird.

First was the Chinese lunch that may or may not have been higher-carb than I planned. Then there was birthday dinners (protein-heavy steak and hamburger). But there was also a shit-ton of walking (Air Show and Geauga County Fair combined for over 15000 steps – over 7 miles) making my calves rock hard.

So did I over-do it on the protein? Maybe. Did I pack on some muscle? Maybe?

All-in-all, I still lost weight. I still feel good. It still counts as a victory.

It’s nice to get back to the daily grind where things are more controlled. I think I did pretty well this weekend considering the potential food disasters I was presented with.

It reminds me of when I quit smoking – thinking that every time I did something without smoking I was able to say “I’ve already done this without smoking”. Now I can say I’ve already gone to the Fair / Air Show / Celebration dinner without eating a bunch of crap.

It’s getting easier.

Looking forward to this week’s progress.

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